Thursday, October 10, 2013


Not going to lie, this week has been a overly frustrating one. I like to think of myself as frugal but even frugality warrants the need of monetary funds. I would have loved to have been able to bring home the couch that I found at a discount furniture store earlier this week. It is my perfect couch. It is the color grey I envisioned in my head, sturdy but soft (Goldilocks would have been proud) perfect for reading on, and within my measly budget I planned for before moving into my apartment. This is ALSO the budget before a former roommate decided to not help pay for the "damages" of our old apartment, minimizing GREATLY the amount of "play" money I have each month. Her inability to plan ahead and attempt to get out of paying debts owed to someone other than a bill collector has left me in an apartment with one chair in the living room and a queen size mattress on the bedroom floor. I have a nice long list of items I need to live comfortable that I cannot get because all of my extra money is going to split the move out fees with the other roommate. Luckily, I have her or I would be even more of a penny pincher than I already am. I keep thinking I can use my CC to cover me but that is counter productive, especially when the goal is to get rid of that debt completely by February 2014.

Work is going well. Things are starting to pick up. Luckily this week has been BUSY with networking events, site tours, employee/department meetings, etc. to preoccupy my mind. Because of all of that my eating habits have not been the most Paleo friendly. One mountain at a time I guess. I have found a wonderful new site. I may have mentioned it before but it is that good to mention it again. Pepper Plate-website and app. I can save my recipes there and create a grocery list. The hope is that I will stop forgetting items and have to make repeat trips.

With all this rain I am looking forward to my mug of hot cocoa, grey's anatomy and reading next to my Bear Fighter.

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  1. I hear you. I sure do love and appreciate you! We'll figure it out!